Re: dance /butter2

mary-lou (
Thu, 22 Jul 1999 16:28:37 -1850

Johannes Birringer wrote:
> Mary-Lou wrote
> <<.. As a teacher using dance/technology, you get used to doing everything
> yourself, from animation to choreography, setting up in the theatre,
> costumes and lighting/sound...You rarely have the luxury of
> collaboration, I assumed Cunningham had been invlolved in the technology
> side..<
> This surprises me, I would have thought that stage productions in university
> departments are fully and necessarily collaborative (apart from smaller
> classroom or studio projects perhaps).

I teach in a secondary school... and yes I do most of my work myself...
I have collaborated with people for some projects. But dollars are often
an isse in a school! But despite the work load, I'm continually learning
new skills....which is very exciting. I'm always looking for software
that could be used in performance.