Re: New web dance

Nick Rothwell (
22 Jul 1999 21:46:04 -0000

> Nick - Thank you for the feedback. Criticism is hard to take, but
> valuable. ;-)

Actually, looking back over it, I was probably excessively hard on the
moving boxes example, and I'm sorry, but I was trying to make a
particular point.

> If I ever do apply for funding for a web
> dance, it will be for something much richer, more engaging, and evolved a
> whole lot further than these sketches.

Richer, more engaging and evolved further how exactly? I'm curious how
you think these naive animations need to be enhanced before you feel
the "dance" moniker fits - or, before you feel you can apply for dance
funding for them (in competition with practitioners of "real" dance).

I personally feel that there is some essence of dance which can be
distilled into animated/online work other than by capture, and done
such that the result is dance-like, but I can't put it into words.


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