Re: Did you get what was supposed to be happening?

Robert Wechsler (
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 23:57:29 +0100

Richard, at 07:40 AM 3/23/99 +0000, you/we wrote:
>>When I am going to a performance, I may or may not want technical
>>information about it, but if the performer doesn't want me to give it, it's
>>her/his choice. If I will see and/or feel that what the performer would
>>like me to see/feel, is another matter. If not, there is probably a
>>communication error, either on my side, the performers side or somewhere in
>Yes and no. Dori is right to say that conferences should be a forum where
>the technical aspects of the piece can be discussed - and indeed they were
>in many of the works-in-progress showings that allowed for discussion

I was thinking about Dori's comments as well. As reasonable and
well-expressed (english-mother-tongue or not) as her point may seem, I
think I would like to dissagree with both of you. I think that there is no
significant difference between a festival and a conference; a showing, or a
show, in terms of the basic needs of a piece of performed art. One may
have more or less accoutrements, which obviously to some pieces can make a
difference, but I do not feel a music/dance art work is generally
heightened or even really significantly altered by a more formal
"aesthetic" setting. Good dance (interactive-movement-performance, etc.)
or good music touches me, often, all-the-more the less elaborate the
setting. There is simply less "in the way" of the the things i love most,
the movement and the music.

Indeed, I actually hate everything about (most) theaters except that they
are generally well-suited places for letting many people see something at
the same time. The century-old ceremony of the "modern" Western theater,
has probably done more to hamper artist-performer interactivity than
anything else.

>I don't want to be boring about thism (Y A W N), but I still say that the
>piece should be allowed to stand its own FIRST so that the audience is
>responsing to the piece, not to the technology. By all means, afterwards,
>reveal the technologies and open discussion.

Those words musicians sometimes say between their songs to me are part of
their performance, i.e. part of their art. they let us get close to them on
another level. to me, its part of the piece.

to the question of "before" vs. "after", well, i think it can work either
way. It really depends on the piece. For some pieces it can also work
"during". I can accept "not at all" too, though its nice then if the thing
then can somehow "explain itself". Well, this is obviously my pet peev,
but I continue to feel, _in most cases_, it sure is nice to the folks out
there when things get gotten.

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