Re: upcoming internet legislation/USA

Richard Povall (
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 14:33:51 +0000

>There are other forums for this, including numerous newsfeeds and
>portal web sites carrying indexed, filtered and searchable
>content. Spamming such generic articles (especially fictitious ones)
>to highly subject-specific mailing lists is waste of everybody's time
>and dilutes the value of the list, both in terms of its topicality and
>its archival value.

Sorry Nick, but most people seem to disagree with you on this one. Of
course we don't want the list deluged with political and other local
material, BUT it's very useful to keep our global perspective. If nothing
else, this helps to give us all a sense of changing and emerging cultures
within the countries and worlds of others.

...and you can always just hit that delete button...


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