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Wayne Siegel (
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 09:08:25 +0100


It strikes me that with the setup you mention you might want to forget
about MIDI and have the two Macs communicate via serial cable or
ethernet using appletalk. I did this in my science fiction opera in 1994
where Director had to be synchronized with live musicians and singers.
The keyboard player's MIDI keyboard was connected to a Mac running MAX.
On certain cues, MAX would send ASCII out the serial port using the
standard "serial" object in MAX. Director was set up to receive ASCII on
the serial port on another Mac. The ASCII was used in the same way that
you would program Director to react to keys typed on a computer keyboard
(like A for cue 1, B for cue 2, etc.). There was not a lot of
information being passed in this setup - only cues to start and stop
image sequences. But it worked without any problem and would probably
work on any version of Director.


Wayne Siegel
DK-8000 Aarhus

jacques.hoepffner wrote:

> Jeff wrote:
> >I wish I could help more with this, but I'm eagerly awaiting the
> answer--I
> >remember when Mark Coniglio did a residency here in Madison he showed
> us an
> >Xtra for getting Director to take in and utilize MIDI, but that was
> for
> >Director 4.0. I don't know if it will work with D6, but make sure
> you get the
> >updated (6.1 or 6.02, I don't remember which) that will prevent some
> serious
> >bugs. I'm sure Mark will be on here shortly with some more accurate
> info.
> >
> >While we're on the subject, today I began planning the tech aspect of
> a
> >concert
> >to be given by Jin-Wen Yu involving Big Eye. This is, I believe, a
> more
> >simple
> >version of what Jacques is doing, yet putting OMS and the latest demo
> of Big
> >Eye on my Powerbook 1400 (with a G3 card hiding inside) seems to
> cause nothing
> >but problems. I recall a year or so ago when playing around with OMS
> that it
> >caused some problems with my system--should I be running minimal
> extensions
> >while MIDIfying things, or are there bugs in Big Eye that I don't
> know about?
> >
> >Questions, questions, and more questions,
> >
> >Jeff
> >
> I thank you for your help but were can I download this Xtra ? I have
> the
> plain 6 director, perhaps can I find an upgrade on the macromedia
> site.
> Beside that I tried big eye (on demo version) and like for imagine, I
> had
> many big problems with this software (freezing of graphic card, no
> entry
> from miro etcS). Have you a better experience, because I hesitate to
> buy
> the full version.
> Triyng, crashing, restarting,
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