max and director

jacques.hoepffner (
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 22:41:12 +0100

Perhaps someone can help me for a project for an instalation beside a dance
I made a Director 6 document with sounds, images, video running on a G3
(blue new one) with the video viewed also with video projector thru Miro
DC30, I want to command the interactivity with Icube sensor pluged into Max
3.0 running on another computer (Umax with 603e/200Mhz), the both are wired
thru eternet on wich I can use localtalk or TCP/IP.
What are the possibility to have communications a) Max directing Director
b) Director giving order to Max (less useful for me at the moment)
Do you know if I need special Max object? special Director Xtra?
and what is the best wiring to do that (localTalk, Mac IP, TCP/IP?)
Anybody have experience of this kind of collaboration?
Thank you in advance for your attention

Jacques Hoepffner, photographe
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