Re: Dance Tech Subjects

Rob Shapiro/Kelly Hargraves (
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 18:32:35 -0500

> the course of study for a dance/tech type degree, I and several
>others have gained skills which have enabled us to acquire jobs in the "real
>world" that pay significantly higher than your average college
>income...which means we get to work less, which means we have time to pursue
>our art habit.
>Couldn't it be put forth to Educational Institutions that the integration of
>a dance/tech curriculum will teach concepts and processes that are useful in
>many aspects of "tech" careers?
This sounds like avery good way to infiltrate secondary education, without
scaring anyone with the idea of funding of teaching art. If it's termed
reasoning and technical skills, they may not panic. This sounds cynical, I
know, but I am concerned as to how much adt is offered in US schools. Is
there any of this happening?