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mary-lou (
Wed, 23 Dec 1998 13:54:25 -1850

Jeff Miller wrote:

> I've also just finished a course in secondary dance education, and the lack
> of resources is a big problem for dance teachers.
Yes in fact it is a primary reason why technology is not used in the
curriculum. Also lack of training.
At the same time it's
> come to my attention that thanks to the U.S. Vice President more and more
> schools are getting "wired" and being given really astonishing
> equipment...which they then use to do word processing. There is a lack of
> people to teach conceptual rather than application-specific curricula, which
> often becomes obsolete before the course is finished.
Yes!!! In SA we have conducted a series of w/shops for teachers of
dance, and demonstrated Life Forms and this midipad software that we are
trialling. This enables the student/performer to control the technical
stage environment. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to use. The
students love it. For teachers to really implement technology into
curriculum they must have on going training as well as appropriate
technological equipment. This is something I think governments forget.
There is no point giving schools a whole lot of exciting equipment that
is then used for word processing.
> the course of study for a dance/tech type degree, I and several
> others have gained skills which have enabled us to acquire jobs in the "real
> world" that pay significantly higher than your average college
> income...which means we get to work less, which means we have time to pursue
> our art habit.
> Couldn't it be put forth to Educational Institutions that the integration of
> a dance/tech curriculum will teach concepts and processes that are useful in
> many aspects of "tech" careers?

yes exactly.... oh they are convinced, but here in SA they don't like
the idea of re-visiting the entire school curriculum as it stands... and
really they should. I think the nature of technology is collaborative,
it involves crossing the boundaries of disciplines.... that is exciting
artistically etc... but difficult for the secondary school so bound to
the timetable!!!

I've gone in a straight line from writing
> stringers for papers through videography to CDROM design to the web, all
> with skills I gained in "dance" and "art" classes.
Well yes... my original degree was in dance... I think that is what is
so fantastic about dance, it has the potential to encompass so many
forms of technology and disciplines.

It seems like a
> presentation of the skills that can be acquired through this kind of
> activity would help convince Committees and the powers that be to fund more
> of a dance curriculum.
Oh yes we try that line a lot!!! Because Dance has the compacity to
include all Key Competencies, sometimes they don't believe us!!

Great words Jeff, I would love to read some of your curriculum/writing,
have you published anything?


Oh and Merry Christmas/ Happy New Year... all