Re: An administrative note from the dance-tech moderator

Per Platou (
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 17:11:20 +0100

Hi Mark & all
The moderation aspect in general isn't very interesting (of course we don't
want spam etc.), but this should not under any circumstances be used to
censor political critique opr discussion of any kind. I have found the last
weeks' postings extremely informative (and clearifying) with regards to
sorting out who is who etc. At last some passionate postings here! Get back

The IDAT fee discussion btw is extremely similar to what happened at this
years ISEA in Manchester and Liverpool. Same shit. It happens in Europe too.

Amanda (Steggell) and I have just completed a production (Switch Bitch)
involving documentary film material and quite a lot of machines, which
resulted in a very interesting show but *no critics*!. The bloody dance
critics in this country didn't want to review anything outside the 'dance'
field, even though they all fell on their knees praising pieces like
'Poles' a couple of months ago, claiming that "this is the new direction
for dance and technology" etc. etc. Bollocks!

I get very afraid when people pretend that the arts are, or should be,
separated from life, politics, technology, economy or whatever. Coming from
(northern) Europe, it's incredibly strange to see US politics
(Iraq/Clinton/Lewinsky) in practice; of course this is related to the
funding situation for the arts! Why aren't more artists making statements
about it? It seems to me that dance people especially are much too
frightened to extend their field to contain more than aesthetics/body

So Scott S.: please don't underestimate the readers of this group. This
list is much better off with you filtering out the pure spam (and
unsubscriptions etc. etc.), but don't fall into the trap of moderating the
content of the postings here. Please!

Yeah yeah, merry xmas!! More flamebait! Aaaargh! Punch! Crunch!
Per Platou

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