Re: An administrative note from the dance-tech moderator

manning (
Fri, 18 Dec 1998 15:24:35 -0600

First, I would like to apologize to the list for IDAT99 business that
should have been handled through an email message or phone call to
either myself (I am the coordinator for all panels and roundtables) or
the panel/roundtable moderator, or the conference chair. I am the
program chair for IDAT99, and sent the letter with all of this contact
information to each of the presenters, therefore I am knowledgeable of
the procedures which were delineated for all presenters.

> But I must say that I think that the notion of this list becoming moderated
> is not a decision that should be made unilaterally, but one that we should
> all discuss and then make a decision about as a group.

This list did not just *become* moderated. It has been moderated, and
Scott as he stated moderated it much less than most other moderators.
Scott and I have had numerous discussions regarding rates of moderation,
and the necessity to moderate for the *list as a whole*. The role of the
moderator is to keep the list on track. When you subscribed to this
list, the welcoming message stated that it was a moderated list, didn't
it? I appreciate moderated lists, and this only after I subscribed to
some that were unmoderated.

Just review your threads to see how the converstaions on this list have
evolved. I read Doug's message and concluded that he was having a bad
day, needed to vent. I did find some difficulty in making a connection
between Clinton's impeachment and dance and technology? Forget apples
and oranges, let's try apples and THE BORG! (No, no I'm not calling
Clinton or Doug a BORG, although on certain days I do feel like one!)

I offer my comments only because they were invited. I too am a
moderator/editor of a number of listerves that have a variety of
functions, a few of which are mid-sized like this one. The amount of
time and consideration taken in sustaining a listserve is only
equivalent to that which is needed to produce a concert. You all see the
end result, not the efforts that are required to produce the end
resutls. In a concert you don't see the diva-tantrums etc. (so that I
don't receive mail - I am not calling anyone who has posted to this list
a diva, but *avid* might fit).

Artists resist constraints, especially those regarding choice. Please
realize that the service that Scott provides is not that of a Big
Brother, but rather a culling of materials that are inappropriate for
this particular list. I wonder if he would have posted the one sent to
me about *private arts*. I don't know if it was technology based or not.
But it didn't make it onto any of my lists. As Scott stated, you
probably will see no changes in the list at all because the list hasn't
changed. Scott is an honorable man whom I have learned to admire and
respect. I've seen him defend colleagues in public events, when the tide
of the audience was questionable. Do I relenquish the personal choice of
receiving messages that do not fit the criteria of the list to a
moderator of that calliber. Yes, because that way I can open my email
and know that what I receive is focused, stimulating, and within the
parameters of the list. Language is a powerful tool, choose wisely.

Scott is the good guy, and I'm heartsick that all this originated from a
posting which should have been sent to IDAT99. Jean Marc Matos, please
contact me - As for boycotting the list, please. It
has already been stated in an earlier message - we are adults.