In the lecture circuit

Robert Wechsler (
Mon, 9 Nov 1998 23:19:13 +0100

Dear dance-tech!

It looks like we will be doing some lecture/dems and performing in the
United States in February 99 (perhaps into early March)!

Perhaps we could stop by where you are and show you what we are up to.

Specifically, what we can offer is a demonstration in the use of body- worn
electrodes to control or create music, stage-lighting or other
MIDI-interface events. These are systems developed by Palindrome which we
use in a number of performance works as well as workshops (including this
year at ZKM-Karlsruhe and IDAT99). The form of the demo will in fact be
something like a workshop, as we prefer to wire-up "volunteers", giving
students really a first-hand "interactive" experience (we can run 6 muscle
sets simultaneously). We would also discuss our work using
camera-computer-interface systems (which we can simulate on a PC -- though
this system is somewhat difficult to set up in a short of amount of time,
though not out of the question, were time to permit).

Since our international travel costs are covered, the cost to you are
reduced to our domestic travel, a place to sleep, and any honorarium you
could afford.

I should maybe mention, that we are planning to build some of the electrode
which were discussed earlier. We would certainly be happy to see our
systems put to use by other artists! (Cost will be on the order of one to a
few hundred dollars, depending upon what exactly it entails: E.g. hearbeat
sensors and amplifiers, skeletal muscle sensors and amplifiers, MIDI
converters, etc.).

If you would like more background to our work, please see my articles in
Leonardo Magazine (MIT Press, Vol. 30, No. 5, pp. 385-389), or Dance
Research Journal (Congress on Research in Dance, No. 30/21, Spring 1998, pp.
4-10), both of which are available at our website.

With friendly regards,
Robert Wechsler

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