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Giorgio Convertito (
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 11:23:55 +0100

Sorry for replying to this through the list. A different e-mail address for
replies was not provided. In any case I can use this opportunity to announce
the website of the School for New Dance Development to this list.

The sndo website at: was the initiative of
artistic director Trude Cone. It was developed by a small team: Giorgio
Convertito (designer/co-editor), Jeroen Fabius (editor of the student
newspaper The Twist and online selections for the site), and Eileen Standley

Been on the net since february 1998, it has come now to a second phase of
its development and has already received recognition as one of the most
interesting sites for higher education on the web.

The SNDD, part of the Amsterdam School of Arts, has established itself
internationally as one of the few centers for new dance studies and attracts
students from all over the world. The education offered by the SNDD includes
composition, technique, improvisation, theory and exploration. The study
challenges students to reflect on many aspects - political, social,
cultural, etc. - as they relate to dance and performance. The overall
emphasis of the studies is on the student's own performance work.

The website grew out the need to create and encourage a network which
involves the international student body and staff of the school (as well as
graduates), the netherlands dance world, and international organisations
with an interest in experimental and "new" dance. The site provides a
picture of the activities of the school and its community.

As a dynamic environment, the website is seen as providing a myriad of
possibilities: from aiding in the bridge from school to the profession,
information and resources, publicity about performances and/or workshops,
teaching tool, etc.

For Niels, this is more than the five lines you requested, but I thought it
was relevant information for the list. You can extract from here what is
relevant for your purpouses.

Many greetings

Giorgio Convertito

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> hallo,
> sorry for bulking around with my calls on email.
> I posted a call for people with websites or institutes with websites
> related to dance.
> we had a disk problem and crashed, so i lost your information.
> I got a lot of answers and ask you once more to send me your
> (the people who did hesitate or did not get this message before please
> send me this time)
> name:
> occupation:
> short description of work/research: 5 lines
> institute:
> URL:
> please send me this as fast as you can we are working on the media
> section in and we will put this online during
> christmas.
> with respects
> niels radtke