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where is information posted about the Dance and Technology Conf, '99 in SC.


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> Hi all
> It has been interesting to read everyones comments about Life Forms.
> I have just co-run the third workshop for Dance and Technology here in
> South Australia. This time we had a full day which gave the teachers an
> opportunity to experiment and choreograph with the Midipad software we
> are using in the studio. It was interesting to observe groups approach
> the task in different ways. Some really explored with the many
> technological possibilities of triggering sound others merely programmed
> sound and spent their time experimenting with movement, largely in
> isolation of the pad software. We discussed many ways of implementing
> such technoloogy imto curriculum.
> We demonstrated Life Forms, and the teachers had a play. It is quite a
> sophisticated software program. I have a few questions to ask some of
> the more experienced users.
> -If students wanted to create their own costumes for the figures, is
> that possible? What program, plug-in do you need? Or is something like
> .... Poser, more appropriate for such a task?
> -When creating an animation, how do you return the figure in the figure
> editer window back to its original position? Say from lying down to a
> neutral standing position. Is there a short cut?
> -Also can you create a wheelchair dance using Life Forms? Has anyone
> done this? I am finding that new technologies often seem to be usefull
> for young people with physical disabilities.
> -Sometimes the select... body part, drag action is difficult to
> control...especially rotation of the limbs, do others have this
> problem... or do people use other options, such as the near and far
> hemispheres?
> Oh yes... and I'm very jealous of anyone who lives in America/Europe,
> there is so much happening to see and do. I would love to see Troika's
> new performance or attend the 99 Dance and Technology conference.
> When is the next Live-Internet Performance????
> Speaking of conferences, has anyone heard anything about the Dance
> Technology and Education Conference, 1999, South Carolina? I really hope
> it hasn't been cancelled as I have taken leave from work to attend....
> not easy I am afraid.
> Mary-Lou ;- )