Tech/ & Life Forms

mary-lou (
Mon, 09 Nov 1998 20:22:49 -1850

Hi all
It has been interesting to read everyones comments about Life Forms.
I have just co-run the third workshop for Dance and Technology here in
South Australia. This time we had a full day which gave the teachers an
opportunity to experiment and choreograph with the Midipad software we
are using in the studio. It was interesting to observe groups approach
the task in different ways. Some really explored with the many
technological possibilities of triggering sound others merely programmed
sound and spent their time experimenting with movement, largely in
isolation of the pad software. We discussed many ways of implementing
such technoloogy imto curriculum.

We demonstrated Life Forms, and the teachers had a play. It is quite a
sophisticated software program. I have a few questions to ask some of
the more experienced users.
-If students wanted to create their own costumes for the figures, is
that possible? What program, plug-in do you need? Or is something like
.... Poser, more appropriate for such a task?
-When creating an animation, how do you return the figure in the figure
editer window back to its original position? Say from lying down to a
neutral standing position. Is there a short cut?
-Also can you create a wheelchair dance using Life Forms? Has anyone
done this? I am finding that new technologies often seem to be usefull
for young people with physical disabilities.
-Sometimes the select... body part, drag action is difficult to
control...especially rotation of the limbs, do others have this
problem... or do people use other options, such as the near and far

Oh yes... and I'm very jealous of anyone who lives in America/Europe,
there is so much happening to see and do. I would love to see Troika's
new performance or attend the 99 Dance and Technology conference.
When is the next Live-Internet Performance????

Speaking of conferences, has anyone heard anything about the Dance
Technology and Education Conference, 1999, South Carolina? I really hope
it hasn't been cancelled as I have taken leave from work to attend....
not easy I am afraid.

Mary-Lou ;- )