Re: Lifeforms 3 vs. Poser 3 & Lifeforms 3 vs Lifeforms Studio 3.

Armando Menicacci (
Fri, 6 Nov 1998 23:40:15 +0100

>Does anyone out there have any experience, opinion, and/or knowledge of the
>pros and cons of using Lifeforms v.3 software verses Poser v.3 for
>choreography and notation. Also, are there strong advantages for dances to
>use Lifeforms Studio v.3 over Lifeforms v.3.
>Any help or information would be appreciated.

I haven't put my hands on Poser yet, but the difference are quite a few.
Lifeforms 3.0 and the 3.0 studio is that Life Forms 3.0 and Life Forms
Studio 3.0 both have a number of new features including rendering, inverse
kenematics,and range editing. However, Life
Forms Studio also has additional plug-ins and includes the PowerMoves 1 and
2 animation library CD. PowerMoves 1 and 2 - PowerMoves1 is a animation
library of 600+ sequences,
PowerMoves2 has 5+ new Life Forms ready models, and 120+ new mocap sequences.

The main difference in the import and export plug-ins included with each
package is that the Studio version supports motion capture import and
export via BioVision and Acclaim file formats. It also includes VRML 2.0
export and plug-ins for exchanging model geometry with ElectricImage namely
FACT import and DXF export.

The following lists the plug-ins included in each product:
1. Life Forms 3.0: infini-D in, infini-D out, 3DS R4 in, 3DS R4
plugin for 3DS R4, 3DS Keyscripter, BVA out, VRML IN (only IN),

2. Life Forms Studio 3.0: All plug-ins in Life Forms 3.0 plug FACT IN, BVH
out, BVH in, Acclaim in,
Acclaim out, OBM out, VRML 2.0 out, DXF out