Re: Lifeforms 3 vs. Poser 3 & Lifeforms 3 vs Lifeforms Studio 3.

Yacov Sharir (
Fri, 06 Nov 1998 19:12:02 -0600 (CST)

>>Does anyone out there have any experience, opinion, and/or knowledge of the
>>pros and cons of using Lifeforms v.3 software verses Poser v.3 for
>>choreography and notation. Also, are there strong advantages for dances to
>>use Lifeforms Studio v.3 over Lifeforms v.3.
>>Any help or information would be appreciated.

Hi Lou,

In my experience, (using both Life Forms and Poser for years now) I find
Life Forms a much more powerful tool for the creation of movement phrases,
dealing with multiple characters in the space and the whole issue of
spatial manipulation. However, I find Poser a much more complex and
interesting program in the area of rendering, texture mapping, and in and
output to Video/performance.

My solution, (on the low end) is to combine both programs, thus, creating a
very powerful tool. I have been very successful in creating my animations
in Life Forms (now Life Forms .3) and then transport the material to Poser
3. In Poser, I am able to interact with yet another program, (Painter 3D)
for greater and direct interaction with the figures and texture mapping,
with great precision. If you have no access to Painter 3D, you may revert
to Detailer,

It is important to note that the act of digital choreography and the issues
of creating CyberPerformers is best done after you have completed the
creation of your animations.
I consider the animation process only the beginning. All my efforts are
then focused on the process of outputting to performance, via multiple
means, some of which are very accessible. Adobe After effect 3.1 For
example, is a great program for adding multiple figures (already animated)
in to the scene. Additionally, a great deal of effects can be added
(depending on your preferences.) For myself, the act of choreography takes
place at this stage.

If you are planing to attend IDAT99, Nate Pagle, Tom Lopez (my two
collaborators) and myself are planing to demonstrate some of our
animations, using this very process. In addition, we will introduce various
aspects of interactive elements for use in performance.

I hope this information is helpful, please let me know how you are progressing.

Best, Yacov.....