Re: webdance again and again

Jean-Marc Matos (
Fri, 06 Nov 1998 21:58:18 +0100

Once again here is our site address :
Best to you from Anne and Jean-Marc

Niels Radtke wrote:

> hallo,
> sorry for bulking around with my calls on email.
> I posted a call for people with websites or institutes with websites
> related to dance.
> we had a disk problem and crashed, so i lost your information.
> I got a lot of answers and ask you once more to send me your
> (the people who did hesitate or did not get this message before please
> send me this time)
> name:
> occupation:
> short description of work/research: 5 lines
> institute:
> URL:
> please send me this as fast as you can we are working on the media
> section in and we will put this online during
> christmas.
> with respects
> niels radtke