Re: events...

Isabelle Jenniches (
Mon, 2 Nov 1998 15:36:28 +0100

>There are currently three workshops running or about to be run on themes
>which are of interest to this list.

>Frascati Theater in Amsterdam, NL -- two week long workshops on media,
>technology and dance improvisation.

A very nice part of this workshop was the diversity of people that were
invited : dancers and choreographers, musicians, computer- and
videoartists, performers, writers, graphic designers and any possible
hybridisation of these! We were introduced to two programs by STEIM : the
course on Imag/Ine was held by Sher Doruff (hi Sher!) and LiSa was
presented to the musicians by Daniel Schorno. After a few hours of
technical briefing (+ a few more for the techies in the group) the black
box of Frascati2 was transformed into a "new media laboratorium" where the
participants could work with the equipment from morning till late! For most
of the participants it was the first time to have techniques like these at
hand and despite the usual technical errors, a lot of playing and becoming
acqauinted was going on, along with discussions on how and why to use them.
An interne presentation evening last friday was the finish of two exciting
The recepy of introducing possibilities of using new media in performance
in a relaxed private atmosphere without any pressure put on the
participants to immediately "produce" or "present" was in my opinion
extremly successful, a real luxury! A follow-up is been planned for next
year in february, where a smaller group of artists, then already more
familiar with the subject, will work on an improvisational piece together.