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Looking for information:

There are currently three workshops running or about to be run on themes
which are of interest to this list. Unfortunately, there has been very
little information On Line. I would encourange those reading the list who
might have something to do with these workshops to post at least a list of
the names of people involved, the projects they are working on, etc.

Digital Dancing 1998 in London, UK -- began on 18 October running until 7
November when there is a showing of work in progress at 3 PM. There are 5
teams comprising choreographers, digital and media artists.

Frascati Theater in Amsterdam, NL -- two week long workshops on media,
technology and dance improvisation.

Cyberlab in Rotterdam, NL as part of DEAF98, coproduced by V2 and Theater
Lantaren-Venster -- should begin 16 November and last one week. The idea is
to hold a series of masterclasses given by members of the JetLag team
(Diller+Scofidio and the Builders Association). Attendance I believe by
invitation only -- but there should be a public performance of JetLag at
some point.

(incidently, this performance of JetLag will premiere in Aarhus, Denmark 11

The increase in activity in this area is certainly an indication of growing
interest, and presumably some form of 'integration' with, I predict, two
results -- one will be a continued assimilation of the technology into the
dance field where it loses its distinctiveness as being 'digital' and the
other will be the evolution of new art forms.

On a practical front, along with growing interest will come a shift in
certain particularities -- for example one of the choreographers at the
Digital Dancing workshop yesterday mentioned that Motion Capture houses
here in the UK are less inclined to 'lend' gear and time as more
choreographers are approaching them to do projects.



p.s. There is as well the TOUCH festival being held at STEIM in early
december -- but there IS some information online at

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