Re: Dick Higgins, Fluxus Co-Founder, Dies (fwd)

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Mon, 02 Nov 1998 09:46:48 -0500

i wanted to pass this along


From: pete spence <spenvis@HOTMAIL.COM>

re the DICK HIGGINS notice , the following should be read//pete spence
>Dear Pete,
> thanks for your news!
> Now that Dick Higgins has died I wants that all know that,
>which I made it know openly in the Biennial V from Mexico (1996) and in
>Ryhmes, Alberta, Canada (1997) in the face of his own presence that,
>mainly, I owe my liberation of the jails of the Uruguayan dictatorship
>him in 1979. It is known that in the mobilizations for my freedom many
>friends in everywhere participated and highlight his help like decisive
>that fact. He achieved, next to another of my dear dead, Wolf Vostell,
>the Arts Academy and Letters from Federal Germany (DAAD) occur a
>scholarship for 3 months in Berlin and that the German Chancellery will
>the prisons expense for my detention without which I could not have
>negociated the passport. Also,I advise my participation in one of the
>important events on Visual Poetry of the world: EYE RYHMES to him.
>The pain won't prevent me from putting his life like paradigm of the
>friendship and his shade will accompany me next to my other deads,like
>Vigo, Deisler, Ogaz, Feij=F3o and some more.What will we make in order
>honor him but rather to continue his example?
>Fraternal greetings
>Clemente Pad=EDn
>C.Correos central 1211
>11000 Montevideo