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Darren Kelly (
Mon, 8 Jun 1998 17:35:21 +0200 (MET DST)

On Fri, 5 Jun 1998, Daniel Barradas wrote:
> If you believe in what you do, then you should not feel guilty for
> advertising. If what you have to share with others is worth something,
> then those trees used in posters will have given their life for a worthy
> cause.

I certainly think most performance art (hope that's a good umbrella term)
is worthy of promotion. The question is whether paper is a suitable
(acceptable) medium.

> I'm a graphic designer (yes, what the hell am I doing here?) so I'm a
> bit suspicious. But though it is proved (like someone pointed, I don't
> remember who) that posters are one of the less efective means to
> encourage the audience, the fact is that it gives you credibility.

I think the point is that posters are only effective once an association
between a performance company name, band name, logo or such has been

> Besides, even if you don't convince many people to come to your
> performance, at least A LOT of people will know about it.

Interesting point; when I booked my last PLAY concert the venue didn't
even listen to the demo; they just said (ah yes, I've heard of PLAY)
and that was that. He also recognised the symbol I connect with the logo,
that's very effective.

> Another thing you must not forget is that you don't have to spread your
> posters all over town. Study the habits of the audience you are trying
> to reach and place you posters is strategic places. Sometimes 100 copies
> are more than enough.

There are certain spots I know attract my attention, and I poster there
too. I poster where people with simmilar taste like to go out. Sometimes
I close my eyes, open them, and see where my eyes fall - probably not
the best test, but it relieves the tedium of postering.

> And, to finish what could be a long conversation, allways remember that
> you are not trying to reach only your friends
No, they have telephone numbers and in my experience never perceive
a perfromance like strangers.

Thanks Daniel for your other encouraging tips !

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