Re: Postering

Daniel Barradas (
Fri, 05 Jun 1998 01:07:48 +0100

Dear Darren,

First of all, ask yourself a question: why do you dance?
Isn't it because you have something to say? And if that's so, why invade
other people's attention? Why bother them with your personal questions,
anguish, doubts, certainties, findings, etc.?
If you believe in what you do, then you should not feel guilty for
advertising. If what you have to share with others is worth something,
then those trees used in posters will have given their life for a worthy
I'm a graphic designer (yes, what the hell am I doing here?) so I'm a
bit suspicious. But though it is proved (like someone pointed, I don't
remember who) that posters are one of the less efective means to
encourage the audience, the fact is that it gives you credibility.
Besides, even if you don't convince many people to come to your
performance, at least A LOT of people will know about it.

Postering is also an art. Don't just do a poster. Do the right poster.
The right poster is the one that people will want to buy after the show
as a souvenir. (In fact sometimes the poster can be better than the
performance :) . Don't do that.). The right poster is attractive but not

Another thing you must not forget is that you don't have to spread your
posters all over town. Study the habits of the audience you are trying
to reach and place you posters is strategic places. Sometimes 100 copies
are more than enough.

And, to finish what could be a long conversation, allways remember that
you are not trying to reach only your friends (or maybe you are, but
that's your problem). Don't restrict your advertising to those YOU think
that might be interested. They probably are a great audience, but think
of those who will see you for the first time, or who will see a dance
performance for the first time. Or think of those who would like to go
but could not because they had no time, money, or means; or even those
who didn't plan to go, that went and were surprised. That is the
audience to reach. That is the goal.
That is why you should do advertising, because you want to reach more,
deeper and stronger.
If you have something to say, don't be shy. Say it out loud, even if
people don't seem available to hear. Don't feel guilty for using
advertising if you belive in what you are doing. You are giving, not

Good luck.
Daniel Barradas