Re: Sound Video Gear in Orlando Fl

tara olivero (tolivero@Rollins.Edu)
Mon, 08 Jun 1998 10:46:21 -0700

In response to John McCormick's request:

Rental houses:
Chapman/Leonard Studios & Production Center: 407.851.3456
- big/small equipment, cameras, dollies, lighting, cranes

***LMG: 1.800.226.3100
- cameras, video projectors, macs (may be the best bet)

Sun Atlantic: 407.843.0721
- all computers

I am so excited about performances coming to Orlando! I moved here from
DC about two years ago and it is rather limited on dance/performance
art, compared to up north.

Both my roomates are involved in video/animation/production so I will be
attending Siggraph. Sorry for all the questions, but what/when is your
presentation? Do you know anything about the Merce Cunningham premiere?
I e-mailed the Siggraph people for a date/time, and I haven't heard

I hope this is helpful. If you need assistance, I'd be glad to help.
Tara J. Olivero

oh, places to say....the convention center is located in the heart of
tourist ville. The Peabody hotel is located directly across from the
center. The Clarion is also next door. There are about a gazillion
hotesl on International drive. However, you should make reservations as
soon as possible.