Call for participants

orangemouth (
Wed, 13 May 1998 13:22:56 +0100

Our recent discussion threads have covered collaborative choreography,
Life Forms, aleatory process, and the internet as choreographic tool, so
it seems like some of you might be interested in a performance I'm
preparing for Digital Summer 98 (Manchester, UK).

The call is realeased to the rest of the world at the beginning of next
week (as is the website) - so you have a headstart. Hope some of yous
can find time to participate.

Best regards,


ps - If there's relevant discussion, the list seems like an appropriate
place, but replies and requests to participate should be sent to me
privately - the list's high enough volume already, without extra traffic
:}. --------------------------


interference: a performance experiment in Internet Choreography


interference will be performed later this year in Manchester, UK as part
of the Digital Summer programme, with a simultaneous webcast embracing a
global audience. It is a dance trio created electronically by forty
choreographers worldwide.

*** You are invited to take part as a choreographic participant, as
described below. ***

Collaborating artists are divided by communications technology, as well
as geography and time, and the dance they make will reflect no
individual's prior artistic plan, but will be emergent and collective in


There are forty opportunities for choreographic involvement in the
project. Quotas have been allocated to four geographical categories
(Manchester, UK & Europe, USA, rest of world), and will be filled on a
first come, first served basis.

Please note that you will require access to the Life Forms software to
participate. Access to software and computer facilities will be
available to Manchester residents at the project offices.

To register interest as a prospective participant, e-mail, providing the following details:

Name; Geographical location; Level of choreographic and/or dance
experience (note that this is NOT a selection criterion. the project
welcomes all levels of prior experience); Any dates between May and
August 1998 that you will be unable to participate (see below).

By registering, you are assigning the noise project the right to perform
your work on stage and via webcast, and to make it publicly available on
the internet. All participants will be credited in the performance

You will receive notification by Email either confirming your
involvement, or assigning you a queue position in the event of a place
becoming available.


You will receive by e-mail a Life Forms file containing a single
starting keyframe. You are invited to devise a movement sequence of
between 30 seconds and one minute's duration, commencing from the
supplied keyframe. Your sequence is then returned by e-mail, and the
final frame of your sequence forwarded as a start position to the next

Together, the 40 phrases created in this way will form a sequence
('cadavre exquise' style) which will be interpreted for performance by
live dancers.

You may devise any movement you see fit, and may choose not to observe
gravity or the limitations of the human body if you wish.

If necessary, you may additionally specify staging information for your
sequence, to whatever degree of concreteness or abstraction ('15 second
xfade from white to blue'; hair; weakly), which we will attempt to

Timescale is critical, and you are requested to return your phrase
within the shortest possible time. You will be notified shortly before
your turn comes around, and may request a later turn if it is
inconvenient to participate. If you cannot be reached, or if there has
been no communication three days after receipt of your start point, your
slot may have to be reallocated to a member of the participant queue.


If you require any further information, or a press kit if you would like
to register as a choreographic participant, join the noise mailing list,
or receive ticketing details, contact


noise 2a Warehouse 4 Fairfield St Manchester M1 3GF United Kingdom