Re: Call for participants (dancers)

Johannes Birringer (
Sat, 30 May 1998 14:29:55


The workshop team is almost complete, but we are looking for a few more
dancers/movers and musicians to join us. Please take a look.

greetings, Johannes

*Machines and Migratory bodies*

A ten day residential performance and New Technology workshop at Chichester
Institute of Higher Education England.

8-18TH JULY 1998
Produced by Chris Butler Head of the School of the Arts at Chichester
Directed by Johannes Birringer ( AlienNation Co., Houston)
In cooperation with guest artists from Europe (Scott deLahunta, Amanda
Steggell, Per Platou, Sarah Rubudge)

Description of Workshop

First created and conducted in 1996 during the Split Screen Digital Arts
Festival in Chichester, England, this multimedia performance and technology
lab is designed to explore the multimedia communications and expressions of
the future.

It is offered as a 10-day intensive workshop open to participants from all
visual and performing arts areas, and its particular focus is directed at:

>a) technological performance process(sampling, editing, processing,
reprocessing, >multi media integration)
>b) interactivity(design, live/virtual interfaces, MIDI activity, on-line
event >structure, conversions, transmissions.
>c)installation and display techniques of performance/digital mediaworks.>

It focuses on experimentation that seeks to explore new spatial-temporal
relations and translations of visual, sensory experience. The workshop is
production-oriented and designed to culminate in a public
rehearsal-performance, screening or installation/exhibition of the
materials that have been developed by the participants, on the 17/18 July.
There are excellent, state-of-the-art rehearsal and studio facilities with
technical/electronic equipments that are available to the group.

This workshop is conceptually based on migrations of the body and the
relations of the organic and the digitally generated. Sites, parasities,
machine bodies and liguid geographies of physical bodies and virtual

Superior campus accomodation £250 to include food.
Course fee £200

This unique opportunity is for participants who have indepth knowledge of
the area and would like to develop their skills with experts from the
Field within this residential framework. There are only 13 places available.

Prospective applicants are invited to submit a résumé and porfolio (work
samples and documentation of previous work recommended)
Send to : *
deadline: June
Other information from Chris Butler
Chichester Institute of Higher Education Bishop Otter College College Lane
Chichester Tel O1243 816170.