Re: [Plants = Infinity]

Nick Rothwell (
13 May 1998 09:54:14 -0000

> In the context of choreography, we all have to be generalists - write
> grants, give auditions, create projects, direct composers,
> [...]

Conversely, in the context of composing and performing, I've often had
to direct dancers. Curiously, dancers don't have a problem with
this, and welcome the input. Arts administrators hate me for

Perhaps practitioners more tolerant of generalists but administrators
prefer specialists? My theory is that generalists are too much of a
threat to fossilised administrative structures.

> artistic direction: Mich=E8le Noiret and Bud Blumenthal

Bud: please give my regards to Michele. (I sent her a copy of the
CASSIEL CD a few months ago, and she was kind enough to write back
saying she'd received it.)

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