Re: [Plants = Infinity]

Bud Blumenthal (
Wed, 13 May 1998 00:09:49 +0200 (MET DST)

>Darren Wrote

>In any case I fear that our times don't favour the jack of all trades,
>but rather specialists, or at least teams of them.

As a jack of a few myself, I'd concure. Or at least one of myselves. The
one that follows closely the examples of how my dispersal renders certain
hopes hollow. Yet, Jack says its always been thus. Times favor certain
flavors, yes. Three scopes of ice-cream on a cone. What'll it be? A voyage
of discovery through different perfumes allowing one to sing the subtilties
of infinite (?) combinations, or a sustained trance dive into the
satisfying singularity of the choosen essence?
Perhaps from a hierarchal muti-national corporation type perspective, being
a specialist is an advantage in acquiring a postion. In the context of the
diminishing power of democracy in the global economy, a generalist could be
the key to saving more than our skins.
In the context of choreography, we all have to be generalists - write
grants, give auditions, create projects, direct composers, guide costume
makers, design scenery, conceive lighting, negociate contracts, ok
publicity, write promo - copy, talk up presenters, arrange travel,,blah
blah blah..... oh ya, and choreograph.

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