Re: Alinear Plants

Johannes Birringer (
Tue, 12 May 1998 20:14:31

The plant business really interests me, or has interested me for a while.
Thanks Darren for sharing your Augustinian conversion experience with us.

Jeff (by the way, Goat Island pushing what envelope?) mentions something
from his recent work, in his response...

> One inspiration came from a horticulture student, who
>described for me the concept of alinear, as opposed to linear, geometry.
>In a nutshell, instead of creating shapes by drawing lines between points
>you create shapes by causing "growth" around a central point. A.J. Niehaus
>and I used this a few months ago in our piece "Farandolae" to suggest a
>cooling effect to harsh, angular images...

Sometimes we have tried here to exchange ideas from the choreography (have
we found a way of displaying them.....URLS to...streaming video??), and I
wish I could ask for input too, at this moment, as my ensemble is
rehearsing a scene (trio) with two men moving only with the left side
(outward from firmly planted stem/spine) of the bodies. In other words, we
are working with a certain limitation (we have our right arm actually bound
to the leg to immobilize it) and the relation between immobility (loss of
motor function, paralysis) and strange asymmetries begin to emerge. I
wonder though what you mean, Jeff, by "cooling effect to harsh, angular
images," and how is the growth from the center (outward?) done in your piece?

especially yo all the generalists around,

Johannes Birringer
AlienNation Co.