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Scott deLahunta (
Wed, 06 May 1998 08:11:10 +0200

At 07:05 PM 5/5/98 -0400, Diane Patterson Massad wrote:

> The struggles here in dance tech...reminds me of the dilemmas
>brewing in the brain sciences....weaving and inter-twining of (1)
>philosophers/ethicists (2) biologists and (3) psychologists/conceptists.
>In DANCE, the artist must reign.

I've been working on an essay for a couple of weeks on the collisions and
'tensions' (don't misinterpret -- I'm referring here to a productive
tension) on the list between language/ lexicon/ vocabulary (in particular
dance maker/ performer contrasted with/ compared to digital artist/ programmer).

But I will shortcut that essay and go directly to what Diane implies in her
post which is a recognition of "difference".

There are 189 list readers at present (to see this for yourself send the
message 'recipients dance-tech' to

My own quick rough list of *different specialisms/ disciplines*, etc. where
there would be big differences in terms of languages, approaches,
perspectives. I'm not talking about differences in opinions, but the roots
for almost immediate (and potentially interesting) misunderstandings.

1) programmers/ mathematicians
2) contemporary choreographers/ dance aestheticians
3) music composers/ sonic media artists
4) computer animators/ visual media artists
5) commercial developers of new tools/ software

Not to mention the *scattered cultural contexts*... Western Europe, Eastern
Europe, North and Latin America, Australia, New Zealand... although North
America and the UK are more heavily represented as readers and as active


Virtual Relations:

>From a 'nettalk' interview with McKenzie Wark (Australian cultural and media
theorist) published in *zkp4* (
In one point in the interview, Wark discusses his notion of 'virtual
relations' as a relation of differences that "combine their properties into
still more differences. (...) It works when something is posted, then
something else is posted that intersects with it, then something
intersects that again... aesthetics in motion."


Wark's comments and my observations of the frameworks of difference
(specialisms/ cultural) within which this 'list' functions -- compells me to
encourage readers again (see list archive on DTZ for 'discussions...' post
Sun, 06 Apr 1997) to post freely and without regard to the notion of
dialogue/ conversation... although these dialogues/ threads are, of course,
equally important.



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