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Diane Patterson Massad (creekside@multiverse.com)
Tue, 5 May 1998 19:05:51 -0400


Speaking to the comment of Robert Wechsler on May 5, 1998: "perhaps
we simply don't dance enough in our 'systems'". I comment: that our ranging
thoughts should (perhaps) lead us back to the concept of moving and and
designing with as much exploration/creativity as our potentials allow.

And in THAT choreographic process, when we discover moments and /or
intents that we might desire to manifest [perhaps through innovations and
paradigm-shifting employment of interactivity]. We might do so, in a
manner, that requires/demands tecnological support or use of an some
extension of computerization.

Developing a cause (an idea) that NEEDS a new methodology, then
will spur and shape...the pursuit of incorporating tech. My thought is
that if one strengthens the motivation for expressing movement in a
'unique' [tech-enhanced] modality...then the "where the's a WILL there is a
WAY" will kick into effect, promoting a directness that might eclipse the
tweeking/manipulation for it's own sake...or in tantilizing engagement with
the hardware side of the creative effort.

Lift the blinders, inform ourselves on the options and possible
mechanics of the 'new' processes...and then MOVE and MOVE!!! Let the
movement drive the process. Not the inverse.

The struggles here in dance tech...reminds me of the dilemmas
brewing in the brain sciences....weaving and inter-twining of (1)
philosophers/ethicists (2) biologists and (3) psychologists/conceptists.
In DANCE, the artist must reign.

Consciousness being the key to the mind's display, let cognitive
skills spawn creativity.

Diane Patterson Massad

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