Re: Research on dance & tech

Doug Rosenberg (
Fri, 01 May 1998 13:36:04 -0500

"The discussions going on concerning form/content issues are hilarious.

I don't think the discussions are hilarious at all, in fact very useful.
Critical discourse on the work of art is invaluable, however the
tendency to speak about post modern tools and methodologies in a
modernist framework negates the context of the work of art in question.
If this list server is simply a way to trade anecdotal information
about each of our discoveries vis. a vis. new technology then perhaps I
am writing this for no reason. However as an artist practicing in the
post modern era, I am very concerned with issues of content and context
as well as the political implications of any new or emerging technology.
The privliging of technology is at the expense of a wholistic
discussion of the work of art within the culture it springs from. Any

Douiglas Rosenberg
UW Madison