Research on dance & tech

Sun, 26 Apr 1998 03:19:34 -0700 (PDT)

First I want to say hello to everybody, and how much I've been
appreciating this list's discussions and in-out puts,

Algoritms and the body response to Richard and Johannes:

I think the problem of the "emptied (post) modernist from" its very much
still around us in this new hybrid work with technology, by keeping that
emptiness of reflexion on the medium itself, if it relyes to much on the
technological algoritms for content, even using it in task,improvisation
oriented work(?)
It depends very much to what end the algoritms and interactions are
created for, instead for an end in itself. When the body come into play,
alone or interactions with algoritmic devices or other computer
applications in performance, there should be some aim, concept, which
driven it, as I think Richard suggest with this fresh thread.
I think the best way to achieve this is by searching the movement, sound,
and visual elements interaction using computer in a 'feed-back&forward'
dialogue. This way we challenge the possibilities of the computer and the
way we use it.

To Jos Neutgens:
It was amazing to know about the similarities of content between your film
project and the dance video performance/installation I've been working in,
presenting already to works in progress of different phases of it.
My work developed from the need to bring to light the imagery involved in
moving from the body functions themselves (from the BMC perspective). For
this I digitally edited appropriations from the CDROM The Ultimate Human
Body. Then I went further in my concept from looking at medical and new
surgery methods, and authopsia, as well as sci-fi movies on cyborgs, and
developed a commentary about the body is perceived in western medicine,
and the pop culture vehiculated notion of our future (?) embodiment as
hybrid beings. For this I elaborated more short videos and juxtaposed them
in different ways with movement and action situations. The peculiarity of
it is that I'm exploring (as I know others doing) the mobility of the
Anyway I felt that was interesting for you to know, as it was for me.
And I would be very intersted to follow up the development of your

To Scott:

It's very truth what you say about the lack of initiatives in the states
regarding dance for the camera. I can talk from San Francisco, where I did
some reserach on that. For the past to years I've been here there is just
starting two series directed to this trend. But it seems that it is
getting hot. In May it's happening the second ZOOM/Visual Poetics at ODC
Performance Gallery, but later others will come. They call for submission
nationwide ZOOM c/o Film Arts Foundation, 346 Nith Street, SF, CA 94110.

It was also very helpful your info about the past dance & tech conferences
for research purposes, as I'm in the process of writing my MA thesis on
challenging body perceptions through dance application of new
technologies. The "New Kinaethetic of the Twentieth Century" from Hillel
Schwartz is really a mark stone on dance and tech connection througout the
beginning of the century. And it seems that approachs like that need to be
thinked as a base for the recent interactions with the new technologies
not just by dance but all realms of human activity/life.