Re: Events for April?

Richard Povall (
Tue, 28 Apr 1998 21:50:20 -0400

>Very timely - for me anyway.
>I'm just now preparing research for an assignment into the issue as to
>whether or not technology can replace the human body and choreographer's
>The ultimate post-modern condition - total alienation and deconstruction of
>the body into binary form.
>I hope not - but it's a frightening thought that anyone who can get their
>head around LifeForms (particularly) can create choreographic phrasing. It
>may not look as artistic as that created by a specialist - but then isn't
>randomness and lack of symetry something some of you are trying to achieve?

ah yes, but what is choreography? and what is performance? and what does
"replace" mean in this context? Could be the shortest research paper on


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