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Scott deLahunta (sdela@ahk.nl)
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-- Additions to *Dance and Technology Zone* --

Long overdue, my apologies to all who submitted, the following articles/
essays are posted on the Dance and Technology Zone in the 'critical theory'
section for reading:

"Dancing Computer" by Pablo Ventura -- a succinct and straightforward essay
about his introduction to and use of lifeforms, very much from a
dancemaker's/ experiential perspective.

"Computers and Dance: Back to the Future?" and "O Body Swayed to Music...
(and vise versa)" by Robert Wechsler. Both articles are published in
hardcopy -- R. Wechsler discusses various theoretical and practical concerns
related to use of digital technologies in dance as well as the work of his
company, Palindrome.

An early version of the "Cyborg Manifesto" by Donna Haraway available
on-line. A seminal essay by this cultural theorist and important reading for
those interested in 'unpacking' the underlying relationships between body,
machine, culture and meaning.

"Material Mapping" by Susan Kozel -- a report on some of the projects which
occurred during Digital Dancing 1997, with some provocative speculations on
feedback and lag aesthetics.

"A Single Performer Controlled Interface for Electronic Dance/Music Theatre"
by Mark Bromwich (includes link to his site where you will find some other
related articles). A more technical piece on the technology used in
developing and presenting 'The Navigator' -- a performance by Chris
Batstone, Directed and Produced by Julie Wilson-Bokowiec, with Music &
Electronics by Mark Bokowiec (Bromwich)

"Virtual Dancing" by Yacov Sharir -- a short essay drawn from Sharis's work
on the 'nature of virtuality' in relationship to dance/ bodies... and some
thoughts on two related projects *dancing with the virtual dervish* (down in
collaboration with Diana Gromala) and the *cyberhuman dance series*.

"Sampling... convergences between dance and technology" by Scott deLahunta
-- an overview paper presented at the Art Crash Symposium in Aarhus in April

Two new books have been added to the Bibliography:

Smith, Hazel and Roger Dean. Improvisation, Hypermedia and the Arts since
1945. Amsterdam, NL: Harwood Academic Publishers. 1997.

Winkler, Todd. Composing Interactive Music: Techniques and Ideas Using Max.
Cambridge: MIT Press. 1998. (Tood's book is available through emailing
mitpress-orders@mit.edu, calling 1-800-356-0343 or visiting MIT homepages at

Since launching the DTZ in early 1997, I have attempted to add to the DTZ's
'Upcoming Events' such major annual 'new media/ electronic arts' festivals/
events as: Cyberconf; ISEA; Ars Electronic; Siggraph; DEAF; etc. However, I
am 'discontinuing' this service due to the fact that it is difficult in my
spare time to keep up with it -- and there are other sites on the web which
are managed by funded organisations and provide a more complete and
up-to-date picture of what is happening.

In particular *Montreal's Museum of Contemporary Art Media Centre*
http://media.macm.qc.ca/homea.htm has a tremendous number of current links
in the area of new media and digital arts. Mark and I have updated the
UPCOMING EVENTS page and added this link at the top. We are suggesting now
that the DTZ will accept submissions from and list events which can fit more
'cleanly' under the admittedly fluid heading of "live performance and



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