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Lesley Wheeler (
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 08:14:32 +0900


Very timely - for me anyway.
I'm just now preparing research for an assignment into the issue as to
whether or not technology can replace the human body and choreographer's

The ultimate post-modern condition - total alienation and deconstruction of
the body into binary form.

I hope not - but it's a frightening thought that anyone who can get their
head around LifeForms (particularly) can create choreographic phrasing. It
may not look as artistic as that created by a specialist - but then isn't
randomness and lack of symetry something some of you are trying to achieve?

Ciao for now
Lesley Wheeler
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>This is to let you all know of an upcoming debate and performance on the
>13th and 14th of May respectively.
>I am currently in my final year of a BA (Hons) degree at King Alfred's
>College in Winchester (UK), and for my dissertation I have been
>conducting a study on 'The architectural use of technology in dance',
>and this will take the form of a 25 minute performance. I am looking
>specifically at differing notions of virtual space - going from 'purely
>human' movement to 'purely technological' movement.
>As well as this, I am also involved in a group project looking at the
>effects of technology on the choreographic process - the hypothesis
>being 'The ongoing development of technology is dehumanising the
>choreographic process'. This project will take the form of a
>presentation of our findings and a debate on the issues raised.
>If anyone is interested in either of these projects, please don't
>hesitate to contact me and I will give all of the details of the events.
>Unfortunately (fortunately for my nerves) these are closed events so if
>you do want to come along, drop me a line asap.
>I hope to see some of you there.
>Greville Matthews
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