Troika Ranch @ The Kitchen / 5 March 1998

Mark Coniglio (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 12:05:54 -0500

Dear List,

For those of you who might be able to attend, I wanted to let you know that
Troika Ranch will be perorming at The Kitchen on Thursday, March 5th.
Details to follow.

Hope we will see you there,


Troika Ranch ( will be performing on a shared
evening on Thursday, March 5th at The Kitchen in New York City. We will be
performing the following works:

In Plane: This will be the New York premiere of this work for solo dancer
with MidiDancer. In this work Artistic Director Dawn Stoppiello dances an
competitive duet with her virtual dopplegŠnger, an interactively controlled
video projection of herself.

Monitored: In this piece, which shows our society's growing
interdepencdence with technology, three dancers perform with three
shock-mounted video monitors. They lift, carry, toss, and drop the monitors
in a frenetic attempt to distance themselves from a seemingly inescapable

Bank/Perspective 1: This is a work-in-progress performance of the work for
two dancers and interactive music & video which will be part of our New
York home season concert this June. Bank/Perspective 1 is a reflection on
the people we see on the streets of New York City each day. The dancers
portray the relentess energy of their movements, while the video reminds us
of what is beyond the city.

We will share the evening with Seth Riskin, "an optical dancer and painter
of light transforms ancient rituals into modern magic, spinning, dazzling,
universes of light in motion."

We hope that we will see you there.


Here are the specifics:

5 March 1998 - 8pm
512 W. 19th St.
New York, NY
Info/Reservations: 212.255.5793
Tickets: $15


Mark Coniglio, Artistic Co-Director |
Troika Ranch |