Digital Summer '98

gjhilton (
Tue, 24 Feb 1998 10:07:06 +0100

Apols if this a little way o/t, but i've been swamped with enquiries
about Digital Summer 98- as mentioned in an old and forgotten .sig
appended to my recent post to the list, so some more detail seems to be

The submission deadline has now expired, and the selected proposals
haven't yet been announced, so how much practical use this info might be
is uncertain, but here goes...

ISEA 98 (RE)evolution! is in Manchester (and Liverpool) this Autumn.
This May sees the 50th anniversary of the first stored computer program
(by Manchester scientists). As an umbrella, spanning both events, we
have Digital Summer '98, a city-wide, summer-long shebang, with digital
tech, networking and computers in everybody's faces for several months.

Most interestingly, there's a digital art strand, with uk nad
international artists making things for gallery and non-gallery
environments. The call for proposals was very low profile, and very
short notice, and there is talk that the budget as advertised may have
been a little misleading (though i'm personally confident that such
rumours are entirely groundless), but you can read it at

Presumably, as and when they get around to it, there will be a website
as well. There's an ISEA site, too, but not a lot there as yet.

As for how much of the work in Digi Summer will be interesting to
listmembers, it's a little early to say - the selected proposals won't
be announced 'til mid March, but I _do_ know that other listmembers have
projects on the table, and that my two proposals are for dance / media
pieces. If either piece makes it to production, the list will know about

For the sake of clarity, I need to point out that I am NOT in any way
involved with organising DS98, and that you now know pretty much as much
as I do. When the selected proposals are announced, maybe i'll have some
more news.

best, guy (i have the feeling that billet-space on my sofa will be hotly
contested this summer..)