Re: Troika Ranch @ The Kitchen / 5 March 1998

Richard Povall (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 16:39:33 -0500

Hi Mark

Good luck with the Kitchen show. Sounds like some interesting pieces.

You and Dawn and I need to have a preliminary conversation about doing a
residency here at Oberlin next fall. I'd like to do this now so that I can
get a sense of what kind of money we might be talking about and so that I
can a prior claim on our pitiful budget for visiting artists.

I'd be interested in any number of possibilities - but there certainly
should be a workshop and some kind of performance in there. i'm teaching a
workshop next fall with two other faculty - a digital artist, and a
choreographer. As you probably know, Oberlin claims the birth of contact,
and the dance dept here tends to be still heavily influenced by contact.
My dept is anything you want it to be :-) but has a solid history of
interactive music. The students are reasonably sophisticated.

I can't see finding the money for a major residency (but you never know).
I do see being able to support a week-long or two-week long residency with
a workshop considerably shorter than that.

Let's talk!


btw, are you proposing a piece for the 1999 conference at Arizona? I know
it's difficult if you don't have an institutional affiliation because most
of these conferences tend to be pay-your-own-way - but the Dance/Tech
conference at Arizona is placing a heavy emphasis on performance and will
be inviting some artists to come as professional performers. Maybe we
could work out some linked that you show some work there that comes out of
the workshop you do at Oberlin. Just a thought.


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