Re: News release, upcoming Palindrome premiere

Robert Wechsler (
Mon, 16 Feb 1998 14:09:01 +0100

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>Date: Monday, February 16, 1998 10:52 AM
>Subject: Re: News release, upcoming Palindrome premiere
>>Robert Wechsler (Robert Wechsler) wrote:
>>> You should see our video. I think it would answer a lot of your
>>i'd love to. how about putting (clips of) it online?
>>best, guy
>I am very much a lurker on this group - I am a school teacher with an
>interest in dance and computers. I would to see any images, static or video
>posted by others.
>Robert Kensit
>Downsview Primary School
>London England

I do not have necessary equipment or know-how to do that.


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