Image/ine workshop

lara van druten (
Mon, 16 Feb 1998 16:29:25 +0200

>..............Image/ine, which is indeed a fabulous program. It's
>available for download as a demo from the
>STEIM site ( I've done limited work with it so far,
>but will be using it for a workshop with students next fall. Anyone else
>out there worked with this environment?

Dear Richard,

I keep a keen eye on the dance and technology discussion list and was
interested to see that you mention in a recent email that you will be
giving a workshop on Image/ine in the near future. Let me introduce myself.
I work at STEIM and am in the process of giving further form to an
education programme we have initiated at STEIM. This programme involves the
giving of workshops, lectures and demonstrations to a wide variety of
audiences around issues relating to STEIM area's of research and
development (thus of course to STEIM products) in the Netherlands and
Europe. It was in this context that I re-established contact with the SNDD
school in Amsterdam and together we organised the recent workshop held
there (in which Sher Doruff and Joel Ryan participated from STEIM).

I would be very interested in hearing more about your plans to give a
workshop around Image/ine.
Get in touch.

Lara van Druten.

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Lara van Druten
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