News release, upcoming Palindrome premiere

Robert Wechsler (
Sun, 1 Feb 1998 23:18:54 +0100

Palindrome announces

the premiere performance of

The Minotaur ("Happenings of Note")
(and other interactive works)

Tafelhalle, Nčrnberg, Feb. 12 and 13, 20:00.

The Minotaur involves four dancers playing a composed musical score (by
bay-area composer Erling Wold, who is flying out extra for the event)
entirely by their movements in 3-D space.

Three video cameras are positioned as follows: down stage right, down stage
left (at hip-height) and overhead (6.5 meters up). 2 PC's are used, each
equipped with video and sound boards. Both computers run identical
"Touchline" programs. The program allows any number of lines to be drawn
onto "grabbed" video images. Changes in the image behind these lines, that
is, if a body part touches or crosses a line, activates user defined media
events (Midi, Wav, MCI, DirectX-Interfaces). Over 250 lines (separate
notes) are defined in the piece. Most of the sounds used in the piece are
generated on a Proteus 2 synthesizer, though some are also sampled.

Five different kinds of note lines are used in "Happenings": 1) single
notes, 2) permanent notes ÷ which play until an "off-switch", or
"off-switching" note is played, 3) repetitive notes ÷ which pulse or trill
as long as they are activated, 4) chords, or combinations of notes, and, 5)
sequences, pre-programmed sets of notes.

Audio and Video tapes are available for cost of postage plus tape stock.

It is the first full-scale public performance. Anyone wanting a free
ticket, just call!

Greetings to all!!!

Robert Wechsler
Helena Zwiauer
Frieder Weiž

Robert Wechsler and Helena Zwiauer Phone: (49) 911-397472
Palindrome Dance Company Fax: (49) 911-397472
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