Re: choreographers and composers/rhythm and lala Human Steps

Nick Rothwell (
12 Jan 1998 16:55:02 -0000

> You are absolutely right Nick..I used the term rhythm very loosely,
> but I am aware that choreographers have used irregular rhythms...

Sure, but I was also thinking in terms of dance pieces whose phrases
are initiated according to some means other than from any kind of
musical cue. (I guess contact improv. falls into this category?) I was
thinking out loud about some notion of "pulse" which might accompany
phrases cued from non-musical sources, including purely physical

I am not a choreographer, nor do I play one on TV.

> But I
> have this really weird heart beat... it is irregular... they tried
> three times before giving up and connecting their apparatus to another
> audience member!

Sigh: I so adore live art!

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