Re: choreographers and composers/rhythm and lala Human Steps

Mary-Lou Michael (
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 01:48:45 +0000

Nick Rothwell wrote:
Dance generally has an underlying pulse as a
> structure, but I don't think pulse and rhythm are the same thing, and
> I don't even see that a pulse has to be regular. (But then, I'm not a
> choreographer...)
You are absolutely right Nick..I used the term rhythm very loosely,
but I am aware that choreographers have used irregular rhythms...
although I remember watching LaLa Human Steps when they came to
Adelaide... and they connected my heart beat to the speakers... the
theory was that they could then dance to the 'live' heart beat!! But I
have this really weird heart beat... it is irregular... they tried
three times before giving up and connecting their apparatus to another
audience member! Sorry if this is vague!

It's late... and I should be writing!
Goodnight ALL