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David Rodger (auricle@alphalink.com.au)
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 20:22:13 +0100

>Reply To: thecla@cs.sfu.ca
>Variations V was commissioned by the French-American Festival.
>Cunningham choreographed the work. David Tudor worked with
>John Cage to prepare the sound environment.

>Behind the platform with the musicians was the large
>Philharmonic Hall movie screen -- very large. Stan VanDerBeek
>and his assitance Tom Dewitt had in the weeks ahead of this made
> a number of reels of film of Merce and the company
>dancing, doing moments of the piece. Stan came to the studio
>one day when the company was rehearsing and without
>disrupting the dancers at all, shot through and all around them.
>Stan used these images, and other images, still shots, shots
>from movies, a montage of contemporary scenes, automobiles,
>a man in space, nature, buildings.

One source I've read mentions video by Nam Jun Paik, too.

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