Dance/Tech Questionnaire for Education

Mary-Lou Michael (
Mon, 29 Dec 1997 18:27:01 +0000

Hi All,

I've already sent this questionnaire to teachers in SA..but if you
have the time and have had some experience teaching dance at either
secondary or tertiary level... I'd appreciate your response!!

Questionnaire for Dance and Technology

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AND please fill out the consent form at the end!! Email me directly,
rather than through Dance-tech, if you prefer!!

Please note that this questionnaire has been designed using the
qualitative method, which means that many of the questions are open

1. Gender: Male Female

2. Age: 20-24

3. Years Teaching: 1-5 years
6-10 years

4. Country & State of current teaching location:
5. Most recent/current Teaching Location: Government Secondary School
Independent Secondary College (Private)
Private Dance Studio
Tertiary Instituition
6. Discuss the place of technology in your teaching environment.

7. How have you used technology in your dance teaching?
A) Sound System F) Video player
B) Video Camera G) Video Editing
C) Slide Projector H) Lighting Board
D) Word Processing I) Internet
E) email J) Dance Software K) CD-Rom
List the technologies you have used above. If you have used J) or K)
provide examples of what you have used.

8. What other NEW technology have you and or your students used in
performances? Explain

9. Write about your views in relation to dance students learning new

10. Discuss as an educator your point of view in regards to technology
being inluded/not included in your daily teaching environment. Please
consider aspects such as:relevance, access to resources, finance,
time, community expectations, interest, professional development and
training, political issues,etc...

11.How do you think technology will change or challenge our
perceptions of the human body?

12. What do you see as the future directions for dance and technology?

That's All!

Thank-you for your time!!!
Cheers Mary-Lou

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Project Title: Dance and Technology and it's role in Education
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