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Scott deLahunta (
Wed, 24 Dec 1997 19:35:36 +0100

Working my way backwards through the posts:

On the presentation Mark and Dawn (Troika Ranch) gave at the lecture hall in
the centuries old building which currently houses the Academy of
Architecture. In Holland, as Mark says, there are academic institutions
(sort of like universities) and vocational schools (sort of like colleges).
This 'separation' of theory and practice is currently under debate, but as
it stands now practical arts training falls under the 'vocational' heading
and is carried out in places like the Amsterdam School of the Arts == which
actually has the largest number of different arts disciplines under its
direction, comprised of 5 different arts faculties and 2 arts related ones.

1. Theater (drama, directing, mime and musical theater) and Dance
(classical, theater dance, jazz, teacher training and, oddly, the School for
New Dance Development)
2. Fine Arts (primarily for training fine arts teachers for lower level schools)
3. Music (jazz and classical)
4. Film and Television (crafts based)
5. Architecture (a night school, everyone works in firms during the day)
6. Arts Management (focussing on Holland)
7. Museology

My work this fall has been as a researcher/ consultant to the AHK as regards
the application of both old and new media in the context of the curricula of
ALL of the various arts education faculties. This was a 4 phase project, the
first three phases are over (the last phase finished with the conference
Mark and Dawn contributed to) the fourth is to write up our recommendations
in the form of a report. Most of this is being done in Dutch, so I'm afraid
until we figure who and how proper translation will take place, most of the
findings will not make sense to anyone non-dutch speaking. If we make a
translation (anyone out there have any funds for this?), I can make it

But, the question from Johannes was, I believe, is Dance/Technology being
looked at with interest in the context of the dance education at the AHK --
the answer to this question is YES definitely. This does not in any way mean
that the department is rushing out to buy computers to use Lifeforms on, or
anything of that nature -- but there are important preliminary, intelligent
and open discussions occurring now whereas before there was nothing. So,
this is an interesting moment...

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