Re: Interactive Performance

Scott deLahunta (
Thu, 25 Dec 1997 08:27:18 +0100

At 10:49 AM 12/22/97 PST, Paulo H wrote:
>Personally, I think the ultimate environment it's the body itself.
>working with technologies for 3 years, I found it sometimes very
>frustrating and sometimes wonderful. Also this kind of projects
>normally result better as installation piece than a staged one. the
>viewer have more possibilities to interact and not just being

A short and concise statement with which I agree completely Paul... and I
think 'installation' work is an extremely interesting area for the dancer to
explore -- especially in regards to digital media. Except there is no
getting around that basic difference in event time between the
'installation/ gallery' (flexi-time) experience and going to the 'theater'
(set-time). But, I would propose that this distinction is going to mean a
'better' future for 'dance/theater' ---> as there becomes more and more
emphasis on individualized flexible time in all walks of life, flexi-hours
at work, channel surfing, interactive cd-roms, anytime/ anywhere
communication via mobile phones, etc. -- all around us societal movement is
in direction away from set-time. In response I think set-time will become
more important as a place of relaxation, getting away from it all, etc. So,
theater and dance are going to experience a renaissance in terms of audience
numbers, they will grow, seeking opportunities to go somewhere to be led
through a 'begining, middle and end' (or an end, beginnning, middle --
doesn't matter)... someplace where they have to turn off the mobile phone.

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