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Robert Wechsler (
Wed, 24 Dec 1997 17:35:52 +0100

Hello, Anthony!


>I am new to your list. I am a performer and an instructor/choreographer in
>higher education. I am extremely interested in, yet admittedly
>intimidated by, the possibility of combining dance and technology in
>performance. I would appreciate an experienced shove in the right
>direction--where does one begin in an effort to explore this
>incorporation? I realize this is a wide open request, and I appreciate any

well lets see, first you need a half a ton of equipment
then you have to fall on your face for 2 years

just kidding...
sort of.
how to get started? wow. i could mostly make you a list of things _not_ to do.

we started out by brainstorming ways movement could determine or effect
other media. then we acually borrowed a lot of the stuff we needed. we
actually _borrowed_ a pentium for a year just by asking the shopkeeper (and
offering some promotion). finally, after some performances, we sat about
trying to figure out what we had done.

if you are an artist, and not a technician, you may want to get to know some

or if you mean, as far as _seeing_ stuff, learning what is being done...

also somewhat difficult, because there is not much out there yet and it is
very spread out. one perhaps obvious place to start is at web sites:

for a list.

some folks will send you videos.

I can offer you a copy of our video if you are interested
(for the cost of copying and shipping, 25$).

good luck.


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