Palindrome, a minotaur, a community

Robert Wechsler (
Wed, 24 Sep 97 22:47:21 +0200

I have been too swamped to participate often, but I wanted to say, I
am reading and enjoying. It is a good feeling to be "connected" to
others with similar interests.

Since... well, all year basically, Palindrome has been working on our
program "Press ESCAPE". It has undergone extensive revision, though
many of the changes are not even noticeable (for example the
conversion of our systems from Win95 to NT). I hope you "notice" that
show doesn't crash!

I invite you all to see what we are up to!

October 14-31 is OPEN HOUSE at Palindrome. We will have the entire
"Press ESCAPE" system running at Experimentiertheater, in Erlangen
(near Nčrnberg). Visits and showings are possible almost everyday,
except weekends, but only by appointment.

We cannot promise a "command performance" - we are rehearsing - but in any
case, it should be
interesting. We are working particularly on
"Der Minotarus". This is a piece of music by bay-area computer
composer Erling Wold played entirely by the movements of 4 dancers.
Frieder Weiž, as always, is the computer engineer. Over 200 separate
notes are located in 3-dimensions (though not simultaneously). These
locations (what we call "touchlines") are activated, when penetrated
by a body part. They are played, as virtual instruments. Dancers are
thus musicians (and vice versa). Aside from being a (forgive me)
beautiful musical/movement work, it raises a number of interesting
considerations some of which are discussed in my article "O body
swayed to music... and vice versa" (soon to appear in Leonardo,
Digital Salon, and shortly thereafter, in our web site).

Our "electrodes" system for light and sound, "heartbeats", and the color
sensing equipment should all be running. more info on the web.

Greetings, Freundlichen herbst Grčžen an alle!

Robert Wechsler and Helena Zwiauer Phone: (49) 911-397472
Palindrome Dance Company Fax: (49) 911-397472
Johannisstr. 42 / 90419 Nčrnberg


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