Robert Raushcenberg Show in NYC

Mark Coniglio (
Fri, 26 Sep 1997 07:45:49 -0500

Though not exactly dance and technology, for those of you in NYC or coming
here soon, I highly recommend the Robert Rauchenberg show at the Guggenheim
Soho. There are a number of interactive works to see, and some artifacts
from performances. One that such articfact was a tennis racket with a
contact microphone and FM Transmitter. The racket become a sound producing
instrument - nice.

Also there is a marvelous sound activated installation called "Soundings"
(1968) that responds to the sounds made by the viewers in the room. The
surface of the exhibit is half-silvered mirrors. When there is no sound,
you see yourself. When you do make a sound, lights illuminate the area
behind the mirrors, and you see these marvelous images of chairs tumbling
through space.

It was interesting that most people were rather shy about making sound, and
would just clap their hands weakly. Of course, I had to try singing and a
number of other noises that seemed to break the standard museum "code of
silence." Anyway, a very nice piece.

There are also videos of Rauchenbergs many works as set designer or
collaborator with choreographers like Merce C.

Check it out,

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